Hello, I'm Will Huxtable.

I'm a programmer and server administrator.

Hello there, I'm Will Huxtable. I'm known online as my full name, first name, Whux, or on old accounts as TheHuckleberryWill.

I'm 15 years old, and spend the majority of my time programming. I first learnt to code when I was about 8, playing around with Lego Mindstorms. I moved on to MIT's Scratch, then began to learn some Python when I was 11. I didn't stop there, and kept learning more languages, techniques and technologies. I'm currently learning C++, and have lots of experience with C# and JavaScript.

Beyond programming, I like to mess with computer hardware, electronics, and Linux systems. I'm currently running Arch Linux, and I'm the administrator and owner of codetree.net, an online community.

Find me online: